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A work permit to work temporarily in Kazakhstan.

Apply to work in Kazakhstan, extend a work permit or hire a foreign worker.

Your employer may need to get a information about the absence of employees in this specialty in the territory of the administrative-territorial unit to hire you.

This is a document from MINISTRY OF LABOUR, EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL SECURITY in Kazakhstan that gives your employer permission to hire a foreign worker.

Typically, the employer treats for a work permit to work to hire foreign workers in Kazakhstan. However, there are categories of foreigners who can apply for a work permit on their own.

These professions include:

  • Anthropologist;
  • System Architect;
  • Astronomer;
  • Ballerina;
  • Dramatic, lyric-dramatic soprano;
  • A dramatic, lyrical and dramatic tenor;
  • Engineer audio editing;
  • engineer films;
  • control engineers marine equipment;
  • Engineering for the construction of offshore pipelines;
  • Engineer-inspector for maintenance, repair and diagnostics of aviation equipment;
  • Climatology;
  • curator;
  • Programmer manufacturer (Computer Science), (Software Design Engineer);
  • The teachers of higher educational institutions with a degree;
  • Radio Astronomer;
  • A specialist in the field of information technology and electronics;
  • Specialist in electrical and electronic engineering;
  • Specialist in animation and computer graphics;
  • Specialists ballistic support of spacecraft;
  • Experts in onboard systems of space vehicles;
  • Specialist in safety;
  • Specialist in manufacturing and props;
  • A specialist in computer special effects;
  • Control Specialist aviation regulations and publications;
  • Specialist offshore pipelines;
  • Specialist equipment passenger cabin interior;
  • Specialist in Flight Operations;
  • Specialist training and technical standards;
  • Supervisor of offshore structures.

According to paragraph 47 of the "Rules and conditions for the issuance of permits to foreign workers for employment" a work permit issued for three years.

A work permit does not let you live in Kazakhstan permanently.
To do so, you must qualify under an immigration category as a permanent resident.

If your spouse wants to work in Kazakhstan
If your spouse wants to work while in Kazakhstan, it can receive a migration visa (with the right to work in the territory of administrative - territorial unit of Kazakhstan) on the basis of work permits for spouses.

List of documents for a work permit in the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  1. The certificate of incorporation LLP - a copy

  2. Statistical Information – a copy

  3. The number of employees working in the LLP (Kazakhstan and foreign citizens)

  4. Notarized translations (Russian / Kazakh languages) of legalized educational documents of a foreign worker;

  5. Information on the employment of the foreign worker;

  6. A notarized copy of the passport of a foreign worker with a translation into Russian / Kazakh languages.

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