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Business Organization Centre “BusinessROST” is designed for those who want to go into their own business but do not know what to start with.

Conditions for small business in the Republic of Kazakhstan are most favorable. For instance, in European countries including Russia, individual entrepreneurs' turnover tax is minimum 6%, while, in our country, this tax is up to 3% (depending on taxation regime). Such tax conditions allow people of various professions to start their own business without high financial risks. 
We want your wishes and intentions in the development and success of your business to come true, and the associates of the Business Organization Centre “BusinessROST” will be happy to help you implement them - open a firm and ensure its stable operation.

Registration of the company, representative office, branch of a foreign founders in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Accounting in foreign companies.


JSC "Limagrain Europa" (a French agrarian company) – registration of the representative office in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
"STANOK s.r.o." (a Czech production company) – registration of the representative office in the Republic of Kazakhstan (Astana);
ТОО "Nural Astana" (educational institution) – registration of LLP;
ТОО "Pirant System" (fire extinguishing equipment) – registration of LLP;
ТОО "General post" (postal services) – registration of LLP, accounting;
ТОО "Eco vita" (medical company) – registration of LLP;
ТОО "Nar-trans-Astana" (transport company) – registration of LLP;
ТОО "Basis-ST" (construction company, leasing of construction and industrial equipment) – installing and implementing a network solution for the “1С:Accounting 7.7” software, upgrade and transferring accounting to another platform ("1С: Accounting 8.0", and then 8.1). 
Private Entrepreneur Guryanova Zh.M. (restaurant and night club “Charodeika”) – installing and implementing equipment and software ISOFT Restaurant 
Private Entrepreneur Samoilenko (cable television Delta-TV) – installing and implementing "1С:Accounting" software, training. 
State Enterprise "Central Municipal Hospital" (accounting department) – training and consulting for the "1С:Accounting 8.0" software 
JSC "EPK" (Moscow), branch of tge ТОО "Trading House EPK" (Stepnogosk Tyre Plant) – training and consulting for the "1С:Accounting 8.0" software, implementing the "Traffic Inspector" software to cut down expenditures on the Internet, blocking social networks, optimizing work hours via blocking separate web-sites and software (ICQ, web-site Classmates, etc.) 
ТОО "Semizbay-U" (Almaty, mining company), branch, Stepnogorsk – training and consulting for the "1С:Accounting 8.0" software 
ТОО "Agrovit" (fertilizers, BAA for cattle breeding) – training and consulting for the "1С:Accounting 8.0" software 
ТОО "Gorizont" (team of free miners) – developing the logo for the stamp 
Person Vedeshkin-Ryabov A.G. – developing of a "Production for recycling industrial waste (ash landfills Thermal Power Plant, Stepnogorsk), with the view to produce mineral resources – iron ore (as sphaerolites 0.1 to 0.2 mm), gold (alluvial gold), platinum" business plan. 
ТОО "StepRemStroy" (roofing) – preparing a package of documents to obtain construction license; 
ТОО "Filat" - re-registration;
ТОО "Metallocentre-С" - liquidation;


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