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Trademark registration in Kazakhstan

Trademark registration doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming. For a low fixed-fee, a BusinessROST trademark consultant will manage the whole process for you, from start to finish.

The BusinessROST (Astana city) trademarking team have successfully registered thousands of trademarks. We know what works and what doesn’t. We will guide you through the process and make sure your brand is protected from copycats and competitors.

Just let us know the name you’d like to protect and we’ll get back to you with a free brand report, advising you if the name or logo is registerable or not.

Cost of service (includes all state fees):

  • A preliminary search of coincidence of names - $ 50/1 title

  • Preliminary Examination - $ 120

  • Complete Examination - $ 385

  • Acceleration of up to 6 months - $ 135

  • Registering a trademark in foreign countries from 1003 CHF + $ 135


    Preliminary examination - 30 working days

    Complete examination - 275 days

    Registration in foreign countries from 12 months

more details on the phone

+ 7 7172 57-15-15, 51-72-55 Astana

If you’ve come up with a creative branding idea for your business then you will probably be promoting the brand at trade events, online and through other mediums. Unfortunately unscrupulous competitors might consider copying your unique brand. That’s why you need to protect your idea with a trademark.

Additional services

  • accounting and tax services
  • legal services
  • preparation of tender documentation for participation in electronic trading
  • statement on the "simplified tax system"
  • electronic key tax return electronic trading
  • the program "1C: Accounting" for Kazakhstan (base / professional)
  • Control Cash Machine
  • visa support for non-residents
  • a work permit to work temporarily in Kazakhstan


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