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Legal Services in Kazakhstan (Astana city)

In recent years, the legal industry has experienced a global paradigm shift in the delivery model for legal services. This new model, known as legal process outsourcing (LPO), involves the transfer of the work of legal professionals to external vendors. Legal outsourcing is growing in popularity as law firms and corporate legal departments seek to minimize costs, increase flexibility and expand their in-house capabilities. Below are several key advantages of outsourcing legal work domestically or to overseas providers (known as offshoring).

1. Cost Savings

One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing legal functions is cost savings. Oragnizations can reduce their cost structures through labor arbitrage - the wage differential between in-house legal personnel and outside vendors - to reap tremendous cost benefits.

2. Access to External Talent

Outsourcing legal work to external vendors allows organizations to access high level talent and niche expertise that does not exist within the firm. Access to external talent is particularly useful for small boutique firms to fill in gaps in internal competencies.

3. Flexibility

Employing a combination of in-house and external talent allows law firms and organizations to tailor their capabilities in response to workload and client demands. Workflow challenges are particularly prevalent for small and mid-size firms. These firms may find it more difficult to spread variability due to a smaller number of attorneys, support staff and clients. Outsourcing legal work allows firms to quickly scale up for a case or project, leveling the playing field with larger firms. Flexible staffing also reduces firm overhead; by outsourcing to external vendors, law firms can avoid the fixed costs of salaries and benefits associated with full-time, permanent personnel.

Company Business Growth can offer legal support for the following types

  • Employment contracts
  • Other staff matters
  • Intellectual property
  • Commercial property 
  • Commercial agreements i.e .; Trading contracts, Standard terms and conditions
  • Corporate agreements i.e.; partnership agreements
  • Health & Safety
  • Legal documentation
  • Online requirements i.e.; cookie and social media policies

Cost of services from $200 per month.

more details on the phone
+ 7 7172 57-15-15, 51-72-55 Astana

All appointments are for 30 minutes. Where an interpreter is required a longer appointment will be booked

Additional services

  • Formation of a Kazakh Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • BIN /business identification number/ for foreign company
  • Registration of branches of foreign companies
  • accounting and tax services
  • preparation of tender documentation for participation in electronic trading
  • statement on the "simplified tax system"
  • electronic key tax return electronic trading
  • the program "1C: Accounting" for Kazakhstan (base / professional)
  • Control Cash Machine
  • visa support for non-residents
  • a work permit to work temporarily in Kazakhstan

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