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07.02.2019 Законопроект в РК по увеличению пороговых значений для НДС и «Упрощенки» для торговых предприятий

29.01.2019 Обязательно печатать чек при использовании Web-кассы?
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23.01.2019 С января 2019 года уплата ОПВ по договорам ГПХ
Внесены изменения в закон РК «О пенсионном обеспечении в РК», вступающие в силу с 8 января 2018 года.

18.01.2019 Автоматизация учета в сети магазинов мужской одежды «Mons» , г.Астана


A Center business organization "BiznesROST"  has been created for people, who want to do own business, but do not know to start.

Small own business in Kazakhstan has very comfortable tax conditions. For example, minimum taxation of company in Kazakhstan is 3% tax with cash turnover, in Russia and European countries – 6%. Such tax incentives allow people of different professions could to start a business with negligible financial risk.
We wish you to implement all your intentions in business and our specialists ready to help you.

∙∙∙∙  Formation of a Kazakh Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
∙∙∙∙  BIN /business identification number/ for foreign company
∙∙∙∙  Registration of branches of foreign companies
∙∙∙∙  IIN /individual identification number/ for all the Partners and Designated Head /Director/ of LLP, if they have not Kazakh Resident

Accounting and tax services
∙∙∙∙  statement on the VAT /value added tax/
∙∙∙∙  statement on the "simplified tax system"
∙∙∙∙  electronic key tax return electronic trading
∙∙∙∙  accounting outsourcing

Office equipment and software
∙∙∙∙  the program "1C: Accounting" for Kazakhstan (base / professional)
∙∙∙∙  Control Cash Machine
∙∙∙∙  stamps for the company
∙∙∙∙  store automation

Business development
∙∙∙∙  marketing research
....  Business Plans

∙∙∙∙  permission /license/ for work in Kazakhstan for foreign citizens
∙∙∙∙  trademark registration
∙∙∙∙  visa support for non-residents
∙∙∙∙  preparation of tender documentation for participation in electronic trading
∙∙∙∙  drawing up contracts

You can take one service or several services with discounts


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